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Practical GDPR and ePrivacy support and advice whenever you need it

Choose the support option that works best for you


Access to our online resources only
Facebook group or Pay-as-you-go for help
£ 25
per month
  • Support via Facebook group or PAYG
  • Access to Knowledge Centre resources
  • "Hands-on" help not included
  • Free access to webinars & workshops
  • GDPR & privacy alerts via email
  • ICO enforcement analysis
  • Monthly Compliance briefing
  • Documentation & policy reviews
  • Unlimited face-to-face (virtual) support
  • Act as your GDPR lead or DPO
  • Monthly report for Board
  • Annual compliance review
  • Training
  • Additional support: £150ph


Unlimited email/phone support & resources
+ up to 4 hours "hands-on" help
£ 425
per month
  • Unlimited priority email & phone support
  • Access to Knowledge Centre resources
  • Up to 4 hours "hands-on" help per month
  • Free access to webinars & workshops
  • GDPR & privacy alerts via email
  • ICO enforcement analysis
  • Monthly compliance briefing
  • Documentation & policy reviews
  • Unlimited face-to-face (virtual) support
  • Act as GDPR lead or DPO
  • Monthly report for Board
  • Annual compliance review
  • Training
  • Additional support: £100ph
Best Value


Pay by the hour for the support you need
Phone/email & "hands-on" help available
£ 150 per hour (min. 1 hr)
  • Email & phone support: £150ph
  • Access to Knowledge Centre resources
  • "Hands-on" help: £150ph
  • Free access to webinars & workshops
  • GDPR & privacy alerts via email
  • ICO enforcement analysis
  • Monthly Compliance briefing
  • Documentation & policy reviews: £150ph
  • Unlimited face-to-face discussions (virtual): £150ph
  • Act as GDPR lead or DPO: £150ph
  • Monthly report for Board: £150ph
  • Annual compliance review: £1500
  • Employee training: £300
  • Additional consultancy: £150ph

just some of the areas we can help you with

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If you are interested in any of our services and would like to have a chat before signing up, please drop  us an email to or use the form opposite.

We’ll get right back to you and we can discuss which of our services works for you best.

Read our privacy policy for details about how we’ll use your data submitted using the form.

GDPR and Privacy Helpline

Whether you’re looking for a quick answer, have a specific problem or want long term assistance, our helpline has the answer

Help with your challenges

If you’ve had a breach and need to determine if it’s reportable or not, or you’re being investigated by the ICO, or you’re dealing with a complex subject access request, we’re here to help

We Keep It Simple & Pragmatic

No matter what the issue we make sure our answers are simple, easy to understand and most importantly practical for your business. No woolly answers or complex explanations

Cost effective answers to your GDPR questions

As well as simple, honest and practical advice, our services will not break the bank. What’s not too love: simple, straightforward guidance that is cost effective!

A problem shared...

Here to help

Whether you’re looking for a long term support solution, a one-off piece of help or a specific solution, we can help you.

…and if you can’t see what you need, get in touch as we’ll be able to help.

we can also help with...

Although, please note a lot of these additional services are available as part of the GDPR Unlimited subscription,

which can work out cheaper (plus you get to spread the cost)

GDPR Audits and Reviews

GDPR Reviews & audits

We assess your data activities and produce a summary report with recommended compliance actions


Privacy policies

We can draft your privacy policy for you. We'll send you a questionnaire and take it from there


GDPR for startups

We'll carry out a DPIA and produce a list of recommendations for you to implement


Website compliance review

Website compliance

We can review your website for GDPR and PECR compliance, producing a report of actions


GDPR project work

GDPR consultancy

We can deliver on a review, drafting of policies, training, DPIA, or some other GDPR specific work

£150 per hour / £900 per day

1-Day GDPR Bootcamp

Detailed run through all aspects of GDPR, includes a implementation workbook & 1-month of support


All prices excl. VAT

Where possible all services will be delivered online (typically over the phone or via Zoom)

Onsite visits possible, but will incur travel expenses (if outside Dorset)

Your questions Answered

Our subscriptions (DIY and Unlimited) are monthly and you can cancel at any time. 

Signing up is easy. Just fill out the sign-up form and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll set you up with an account, send you payment details and provide all the information you need to get started.

Sorry, no, we don’t offer free trials. However, we’d be glad to have a chat with you to discuss our services. Just drop us a line to arrange.

If you’ve ever used the ICO helpline you’ll know that it can often be difficult to get a straight answer to your question.

We pride ourselves on giving practical and pragmatic advice. We’ll take time to understand your problem, a little bit about your business and make sure we understand the issue. This not only allows us to give useful advice but advice tailored to your particular situation.

Basically, the GDPR Unlimited service gives unlimited email and phone support plus up to 4 hours “hands-on” help. Plus you get access to our online resources.

If you sign-up for the GDPR DIY service you get access to the online resources, plus you’ll get access to our Facebook Support group where you can ask questions – you can be a member of this group for as long as your subscription is current.


We recognise that GDPR issues like breaches, subject access, processor due diligence, etc. are very specific requirements you may have, so these “assist” services give you specific advice and help, in these areas.

Only the GDPR Unlimited subscription includes this service, although of course you can PAYG (pay-as-you-go) for specific help.

The all singing, all dancing helpline subscription is the GDPR Unlimited service. This not only includes access to our Knowledge Centre but unlimited email and phone support and up to 4 hours “hands-on” help.

The GDPR DIY subscription only includes the online resources and support via a private Facebook group.

If you opt for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) then pretty much everything is included depending on what you need, but chargeable based on an hourly rate.

Yes, our GDPR Unlimited subscription and PAYG service are there for us to act as your DPO, whether mandated or not. 

If you are mandated to have a DPO, we will provide you with information (and help if needed) to register us as your DPO with the ICO.

“Hands-on” is our way of saying we’ll do the difficult stuff for you. The Unlimited subscription includes up to 4 hours per month of “hands-on” help which can be used for all manner of GDPR support activity including being your data protection officer. 

If you need more than 4 hours then you just pay-as-you-go per hour (at a reduced rate), each month.

Yes, of course. It’s often useful to have a quick call to discuss what help you need, to enable us to advise you which service is best for you.

We totally understand that you may not always need help and the unlimited GDPR Helpline is a little overkill for some businesses needs.

So, yes, we are happy to agree to provide services to you based on our PAYG hourly rate on an ongoing basis, as and when you need it. We’ll just invoice you each month when you use the service.

We currently don’t offer a support helpline number. We would prefer it if you book a particular time slot with us – if you are an unlimited GDPR Helpline subscriber you can do this online via the knowledge portal.

Can't see What you're looking for?

Tailored help

If you have a specific need for your GDPR or ePrivacy compliance, which you don’t think is covered by our helpline services, get in touch as we’re likely to be able to help you anyway.

We can build you a bespoke solution to meet your budget and your requirements.

Advice & guidance tailored to your business

Mark gracey GDPR Helpline

We'll help you protect your business and your customers