GDPR & ePrivacy support packaged in a monthly subscription

GDPR UNLIMITED Helpline with "hands-on" HELP

taking care of your GDPR compliance

Our GDPR Unlimited subscription is all about offering you help and support, whenever you need it most. As well as the unlimited helpline, you get up to 4 hours “hands-on” help, which we can configure to help you in anyway you need such as a GDPR review, or acting as your DPO.

As well as the unlimited helpline and hands-on help you get GDPR and privacy updates, access to our GDPR knowledge centre and webinars.


Unlimited Helpline

You can email or call our support line as often as you need each month, no limits. Plus you have access to our online Knowledge Centre for quick answers and online guides and of course 4 hours of “hands-on” help


Simple & pragmatic

No matter what the issue we make sure our answers are simple, easy to understand and most importantly practical for your business. No woolly answers or complex explanations. Plus we’ll take care of the tricky bits for you


Cost effective

Most of what you’ll need GDPR-wise is covered by the unlimited email and phone helpline along with the 4 hours “hands-on” help, where we take care of everything for you. So, no surprise extra costs – it’s all included. Much cheaper than paying us by the hour

GDPR Outsourced DPO


Our full service helpline, offering not only unlimited support, but up to 4 hours, hands-on support and the chance for us to be your business’ DPO

£425+VAT per month (minimum of 1 month) 

GDPR UNLimited
what's included?

Unlimited email and phone support. Email or organise a voice call as often as you need each month.

We use these “hands-on” hours to do the GDPR work for you, such as reviews, acting as your DPO, checking DPIA, dealing with breaches, training your staff, etc.

Our Knowledge Centre gives you access to information, guidance, topic related guides and other tools to support your GDPR and PECR compliance

All out paid-for webinars, free of charge to UNLIMITED subscribers. More details on what we’re currently running here.

The Knowledge Centre has it’s own news feed which provides updates and alerts. You can either sign into the Knowledge Centre or sign up via email to receive an email every time we add a new update or alert

A monthly summary of the key GDPR updates, changes in law and other useful information from the ICO

Whether mandated or not we can act as your Data Protection Officer (DPO) and manage your day to day compliance

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