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We recognise that you may not want to signup for ongoing help, but you may be looking for some specific guidance.

Our DIY offering provides you with access to our online Knowledge Centre only, but with the knowledge that your can PAYG for help if you need it or ask a question in our Facebook group


Unlimited Resources

Full access to our online Knowledge Centre including our guidance, tools, templates as well as specific topic guides, taking you step by step through your GDPR and PECR compliance


Simple & pragmatic

No matter what the issue we make sure our answers are simple, easy to understand and most importantly practical for any business. No wooly or convoluted explanations


Cost effective

As well as simple, honest and practical advice, our services will not break the bank. Get access to the content you need to sort your own compliance and if you need help just PAYG or use the Facebook group


If you’re looking to do your own compliance, just looking for a policy template or a specific GDPR guide, our Knowledge Centre provides what you need. And, if you need support there’s a Facebook support group you can ask your questions in or pay-as-you-go (£150ph) for support.

£25+VAT per month (minimum of 1 month) 

what's included?

Our Knowledge Centre gives you access to information, guidance, topic related guides and other tools to support your GDPR and PECR compliance

The Knowledge Centre has it’s own news feed which provides updates and alerts. You can either sign into the Knowledge Centre or sign up via email to receive an email every time we add a new update or alert

Our Knowledge Centre is full of policy documents, data processing agreements and other templates and resources you can use within your business

The Knowledge Centre includes compliance guides which will take you through, step by step, what you need to do in specific situations.

Currently we have a range of guides which include how to audit your business, how to review your compliance, how to deal with the controller/processor relationship, etc.

You’ll get access to our dedicated privacy Facebook group where you can ask questions of us or the DIY helpline community. Membership of the group is available for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Alternatively, you can book a pay-as-you-go support session (£125+VAT per hour).

We're here to help

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