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GDPR REpresent

In a UK post-Brexit world any non-UK business selling products and services, or monitoring individuals in the UK will need a UK representative. Based on the same principles as the GDPR requirement for an EU representative, we can act as your UK representative, if you don’t have an office or establishment within the UK.

Post-brexit uk representative

£500+VAT per month


Up to 4 hours "hands-on" help per month

We use these "hands-on" hours to do the Representative work for you, plus we can take care of your GDPR compliance. (Additional hours: £100+VAT per hour)

Unlimited email & phone support

Unlimited email and phone support. Email or organise a voice call as often as you need each month.​

Online resources

Our Knowledge Centre gives you access to information, guidance, topic related guides and other tools to support your GDPR and PECR compliance

Updates, alerts & briefings

We provide updates and alerts and a monthly compliance briefing. You can either sign into the Knowledge Centre or sign up via email to receive an email every time we add a new update or alert

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