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Implications for UK businesses of Schrems II case (privacy shield and SCC)

July 28 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


On the 16th July the CJEU declared the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid and whilst they didn’t declare standard contract clauses (SCC) invalid, they did suggest that for the same reason SCC’s may not provide appropriate safeguards for restricted EEA to US data transfers.

When you process data outside the EEA you have to ensure appropriate safeguards of which the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement and standard contract clauses were considered appropriate.

However the Court found that Privacy Shield cannot be valid when US businesses are bound by US national security laws which usurp the Privacy Shield agreement. Furthermore, whilst SCCs can continue in general, if US law usurps them too, they are also not valid in the US, leaving it to the parties bound to the agreements and the statutory authorities to detemine whether they are enforceable or not.

So, join us for this FREE webinar, where we’ll look at:

  • The GDPR background on restricted non-EEA data transfers
  • Background to the Schrems II case
  • What this means in practice
  • An update (if there is one) on the UK’s ICOs position on the outcomes


PLEASE NOTE: This webinar will be run via Zoom. You’ll be sent details of how to connect to the webinar a day before the webinar starts. As we will be using Zoom, please be mindful:

If you have your camera turned on, everyone else in attendance will be able to see you and your surroundings (including anyone who may pass by behind you)

Attendees will also be able to see the names of other attendees, depending on their Zoom settings. If you would rather the other attendees did not know your name, you should change your Zoom profile settings before joining the Zoom webinar (or you can change them once into the webinar)

I will be recording this webinar and distributing a copy of the recording, but I will only distribute a recording containing just the presentation part of the session


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